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John and Kathy’s passion for helping horses and teaching people laid the groundwork for the creation of Raising The Baar Horsemanship Center. Their vision was to create a facility and atmosphere that is as safe for the learner as it is functional for horse development.

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Solving Separation Anxiety

3. Is your horse’s herd mate frantic when his buddy leaves the pen?
4. Are your horse’s Separation Anxiety Issues becoming safety issues?

If you answered YES

“Solving Separation Anxiety” can help you!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will these strategies help my horse that is left behind when I go on a trail ride?

YES! The book will give you ideas to build your horse’s (and the horse left behinds) self confidence. By setting up a program of confidence building you can create a horse that is more confident without his “mate”.

When I go to a clinic my horse gets attached to the horse he trailers/stalls next to, will this book help me?

YES! The book offers not only strategies to build strong patterns before you travel but also offers in the moment helpful hints. So that you can feel more prepared with strategies when Separation Anxiety comes up.

I am a Level 1 Parelli student, will I be able to apply the strategies in the book?

Yes, the book is laid out with “Pre-requisites” at the beginning of each exercise, you will be able to complete almost all the exercises in the book, now. There will be a few left as your savvy increases for you to try, but each exercise will define what minimum level is needed to complete it.

Will I be able to FIX my horse in one session after I buy this book?

No. This book is meant to put the horse’s well-being first, it is designed to be progressive and you will have the best results if you can apply the principles through a pattern.

If I have questions, will you help me?

Absolutely! If you run into a puzzle and aren’t sure how to solve it as you play with Solving Separation Anxiety, you can e-mail me at:


My hope is that you are able to launch into success, fun and a more peaceful time with your horse after implementing the strategies throughout this book.

The above issues are real and create frustration, fear and sometimes injuries. There is nothing like a pacing, running, screaming horse to take the “fun” right out of the session!

Separation Anxiety is a world wide and discipline wide equine problem. No matter the level of horse owner from backyard enthusiast to international level competitors, issues with Separation is a common ground. In fact it was seeing horse loving students who were frustrated and feeling out of options that motivated me to write “Solving Separation Anxiety”.

This book is the culmination of my last 16 years of equine behavior study under Natural Horsemanship in addition to feedback from students on what works and what doesn’t work for them in their everyday settings. I have listened to students on what they need, want and can use when it comes to educational material and as a result it is my pleasure to present

Interested in Purchasing the Book?

The book is laid out with a Theory Section to help you understand the underlying issue your horse is facing, as well as help you build powerful and impactful sessions with your horse. The theory section is followed by specific exercises based on how your horse is kept (stall, pasture, with a buddy), as well as riding strategies and “Emergency Situation” strategies.These sections include step by step photos to help guide you through the exercises. The last section of the book offers “Pattern Progress Pages” which serve as a place to record your sessions and any differences you see in your horse’s behavior.