Lexington, KY

John and Kathy’s passion for helping horses and teaching people laid the groundwork for the creation of Raising The Baar Horsemanship Center. Their vision was to create a facility and atmosphere that is as safe for the learner as it is functional for horse development.

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Colt Starting

Colt Starting

The process of beginning a horse’s riding or driving education or in some cases restarting that education. It involves formative experiences of the saddle, rider or driver, trailering, preparation for the farrier, dentist, vet and so on… All the things a horse will experience during a lifetime in the human environment. We know the high value these first experiences will carry throughout the horse’s life and we are dedicated to making these formative experiences as positive as possible.

For Colt Starting and restarts we have a 30 day minimum requirement. Your horse will stay on the farm and be handled, cared for and trained by John and Kathy. During this time we will stay in contact with you via phone call, Zoom meeting, text and/or private lessons.

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Great Courses

Through the course format and John’s leadership not only have I become better for my horse but I have become a better husband to my wife and a better father for my children. This was more then I ever expected!

Tom S

What a Change

Equestrians highly value quality training for their horses. To find an exceptional trainer is very hard. John Baar is one of those exceptional trainers.

Grace Murdoch – Cincinnati, Ohio

What They're Saying

My experience at Raising the Baar Farm with John and Kathy Baar was a revelation!

Carol and Unser