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“Through the course format and John’s leadership not only have I become better for my horse but I have become a better husband to my wife and a better father for my children. This was more then I ever expected!”   -Tom S.

Corinn Davis“I’m so excited!!! I’ve been working/playing with a couple of therapy horses and had been trying to play the catching game with one of them (RBE) before I left and we weren’t getting anywhere – I kept having to put her back online. I didn’t know what element I was missing, but last night I used what I learned in the demo and within minutes she hooked on. It was awesome!!! Can’t wait to play with everything else I learned!!! Thanks again – so much.”  -Corrinn

“Kathy’s interactions with her horse encouraged me to go for excellence!”
– Linda W.

“John and Kathy exemplify Parelli leadership through their relationship and by putting the student first. I’ve learned more then I expected and can’t wait to go home and practice. I will be coming back for more!!”
– Tina M.

Kevin Nesbitt


“I just wanted to thank you. I so enjoyed your clinic. Things are going so well with my riding and my horses. Just wanted to say thank you to you and Pat and Linda. It’s like OMG I finally get it, there is a purpose in this it’s beautiful when it happens! I can’t wait to do it again! You guys rock.”



“I have been impacted by Kathy’s training and leadership, she is an awesome instructor!”    – Carol W.

“Her Mastery of PNH and ability to demonstrate were impressive!”    – Charlotte C.

Robert Goodland



“Couldn’t do this a year ago! Thanks John Baar!”   -Robert



“Kathy is one of the best presenters and speakers I’ve heard in quite a while. Her delivery is flawless, but remains natural.”    – Charlotte C.