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Kathy Baar

I have always loved horses! I was that little girl with her walls covered in magazine clippings of horses running, jumping, eating, doing passage and in general – looking gorgeous!

I was also very lucky to live in an area where I could find enough odd jobs (walking dogs, baby sitting, delivering papers, and mowing grass) to earn the money to buy and keep my own horse!

To make a long story short I spent some time working for professional trainers and showing horses. Very quickly my reality did not live up to my dreams! My horses were not only unhappy but were displaying stressful displaced behaviors like weaving in their stalls, grinding their teeth and popping their lips (to name a few).

I figured that the happy horses I’d envisioned would only live in my imagination and that in reality horses couldn’t be the amazing partners I’d dreamed of. Alas I went in search of a new career. Fortunately for me I stumbled across Pat Parelli and what I saw reenergized my passion!!

Pat’s students had horses RUNNING to them, the horse’s ears were forward, looked happy and seemed to want to be with their human partners! I decided I had to learn more and that this was my passion!! I came to the Parelli International Study Center as a working student in 2001 and for the most part didn’t leave until 2011!


In 2005 my husband and I had the opportunity to participate in the first Parelli/WinStar Farms colt start, what an experience!!

Like most students, I had a challenging horse that caused me to seek out more information.

After getting a lot of bad advice from all the so called ‘experts’, I finally came upon Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

I was amazed at how I was getting results with my horse from just watching and listening to a cowboy on a video talk about playing games with your horse.

To say the least I was impressed. I was also impressed that Pat had developed a system for others to teach his method.

I set my goals on becoming a Parelli Professional.

My Parelli journey got a fast start and has only gotten faster. After studying the home study packs and taking a few private lessons with a licensed instructor, I took a 10-week school module at the Parelli Center.

I had a big realization that there was a whole lot more to Parelli and horses then I imagined!

Since that time I did what ever I could to be a part of Parelli, taking another school module, several university modules, and going on tour with Pat and Linda.

The biggest thing that has helped me along my journey, has been meeting my wife Kathy. I met her my first year on the campus and we have shared the journey together ever since.

During our 16 weeks starting amazingly bred and priced horses including Any Given Saturday (who ran in the 2007 Kentucky Derby and sold for over 30 million as a stallion), we also had the opportunity to start some of WinStars colts with legendary Ray Hunt! After completing the Parelli/WinStar Colt Start, we were invited to join the inaugural Parelli Faculty!

For the first time in Parelli history Pat and Linda were going to work one on one to train a faculty to teach at the Parelli Centers worldwide! We have taught for Pat and Linda learning and traveling with them from Colorado to Florida for 5 years. This time has allowed us to gain experience, education, and inspiration that is truly priceless.

The combined 20,000 hrs of teaching we have accumulated under Pat and Linda’s guidance is unparalleled and we are truly grateful. Thank you to the thousands of Parelli students who have allowed us to be part of their journey. Also, thank you Linda and Pat Parelli for all your coaching, support and motivation!

We are now teaching around the globe and look forward to meeting you and your horse in the future!!