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Clinics and Courses

Partnership, Harmony & Elegance

Join 5 Star Master Parelli Instructors John Baar and Kathy Baar as they lead you on a journey of equine discovery, with 5 days you will be able to soak up the feel, timing and balance your horse wants you to have. quick-sidewaysWe will cover; *Creating a more willing Partner * Private Lessons *Riding skills *Simulations *Building desire in your horse *Action plans for going home *Self-paced group riding lessons *4 Savvys *Safety *Goals *Fun *Developing Harmony

Horsemanship Camp

This course is designed to shed a light on the mastery of keeping things as simple as 4 Savvy’s in 5 Zones using the 7 Games. While improving complex tasks.  In this course we will include: *Creating a more willing Partnership between you and your horse *One on one coaching *Riding patterns *Simulations *How and when to use your reins *Group riding sessions *4 Savvys *Safety *Goals *Fun *Advancing 7 Games

The Art of Liberty & Riding with Harmony and Finesse

In this camp we will unlock the secrets to great liberty, including creating powerful draw, exuberance and desire! quick-liberty-circleAs well as, how to develop a harmonious ride with willing and confident Finesse between horse and rider.

This camp will include; *Rider simulations *Private lessons *Group exercises *Personal assignments for your goals *Action plans to move forward *Finesse riding *Stages of the Finesse Sequence


Courses Exclusively offered at Raising The Baar Farm

jk-teachingHost Appreciation

This experience is reserved for students who have hosted our clinics and camps in the past. It is our way to give something back to those who have taken the time and opened their horsemanship journey to allow us in. These days will be held at Raising The Baar Farm and will be exclusive with John and Kathy Baar. You will get a behind the scenes experience along with personal coaching based on your needs, goals and desires. This time is devoted to giving back to you and will be shaped by what you would like to achieve. The days will be laid back and self-paced, you are welcome to come and watch John and Kathy play while enjoying the shade and the cool Kentucky breeze or simply enjoy the facility and come for a “horse vacation”. The format will be similar to “Ride With John and Kathy” days. Cost: Room and board only, these are appreciation days and there will be no Instruction charge.

Immersion Course

Dive in deep and immerse yourself in Horsemanship like never before. This course is all about discovering what horsemanship means for you, what keeps you in the game and where you want to go. Horses are such special creatures and we are all so blessed to have them in our lives, go back and explore “what got you into horses” .

Fun In The Sun

Six consecutive days that John and Kathy will be available for lessons, Ride With John and Kathy time! quick-liberty-drawCome join us for Horsemanship, Education, Fun, BBQ and Pool Party!

Ride With John & Kathy

This is an opportunity to ride beside John and Kathy as they develop their horses and project horses. You will have the chance to observe, ask questions and get tips on your horsemanship. You can be with your personal horse, a challenging horse or Raising The Baar’s Horse Development horse’s. During these sessions you will be developing your horsemanship as well as observing John or Kathy with their horses, questions are always welcome.

chica-trot-contactLesson Days

These are days that John and Kathy are available for you to haul to Raising The Baar Farm and book a private or group lesson. Private lessons are a time for you to receive one on one time with John or Kathy. We recommend that you come with some goals to work on, this will help you and your Instructor to get started with some action and develop a plan from there.

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