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Clinic Registration

To sign up for a workshop, lesson, clinic or camp choose one of the following options.

Option A:

1. Download the “Course Application” found to the right of this page.

2. Fill out the Course Application and Insurance information.

3. Send complete Course Application, Insurance Information and 50% of clinic/course fee to:

2633 Union Mill Rd.

Nicholasville, KY 40356

Option B :

1. Take a few minutes to fill out the Course Application online and pay using PayPal. Your space in the clinic/camp will be reserved immediately when you pay. If you choose not to use paypal, your space will be reserved as soon as we receive your check.


When we receive your information we will send you an e-mail confirmation to let you know that a rider space has been reserved for you. The first applications with deposits we receive will fill the available spaces in the course. There is a 10% fee charged from your payment to cover booking fees, this 10% is non-refundable once payment is received.

If you choose to pay via paypal and fill out the online form, please print out the liability labeled “Course Application Package” in the section to the right titles “Downloads”. We will need this form completed before you ride in the course.