Horse Training

Horsemanship Impact Experience

How do YOU achieve amazing results with your horse?

How do YOU take advantage of Parelli Principle Number 7: Horses teach humans and Humans teach horses?

Get involved in an exclusive program for passionate horse owners, the Horsemanship Impact Experience at Raising The Baar Farm.

This is a chance to be involved in the biggest impact your horsemanship progress has had to date. It is a “full on”, immersion opportunity for both you and your horse. Your horse will spend horse development time learning from Horse Development Specialist John and Kathy Baar and you will participate in educational and inspirational lessons with your horse, as well as goal setting, progression charts and sessions focused on your understanding of your horse.

We are throwing the dysfunctional horse training model out the window, no more 1 hour a day training sessions with a lesson … Read More »