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Horsemanship Impact Experience

How do YOU achieve amazing results with your horse?

How do YOU take advantage of Parelli Principle Number 7: Horses teach humans and Humans teach horses?

Get involved in an exclusive program for passionate horse owners, the Horsemanship Impact Experience at Raising The Baar Farm.

This is a chance to be involved in the biggest impact your horsemanship progress has had to date. It is a “full on”, immersion opportunity for both you and your horse. Your horse will spend horse development time learning from Horse Development Specialist John and Kathy Baar and you will participate in educational and inspirational lessons with your horse, as well as goal setting, progression charts and sessions focused on your understanding of your horse.

We are throwing the dysfunctional horse training model out the window, no more 1 hour a day training sessions with a lesson for you, here and there. Say hello to our model for success!

Your horse will learn about adapting to new pasture mates, dealing with separation anxiety, adjusting to new environments, and experience daily changes in environments. This program is designed to be a 24/7 learning environment for your horse in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. This system will help your horse learn new patterns to set them up for better success and more useful responses.

The format follows our 21 Day Goal setting program. This is the step by step goal setting system that we use to develop our personal horses and our horses in training. By taking this opportunity for horse and human development you will get “behind the scenes” access to our success formula. Our time together will include details on how you can use this format to achieve your goals and dreams with your horse. The 21 Day Goal setting system gives you the framework to build the pathway to reach your goals. It is built off of the idea that 3-7 repetitions develops a pattern, 21 repetitions starts to develop a habit and 63 repetitions begins to develop a natural response.

The program details include:

*1-3 months of training with John and Kathy Baar

*21-63 hours of training time with John and Kathy over the 3 month period.

*2 lessons per 21 day period with you observing/participating (dependent on horses development and the situation)

*1 phone consultations on your horse’s progress per 21 day period

*3 emails/texts per 21 day period touching base on your horse’s development towards your goals.

* 1 phone consultation per 21 day period discussing progress, problems and/or concerns.

*Included in the finale of your horse’s stay is a “Where to go from here?” workshop to help you build a guide to progress as you head home.

Limited spaces available, accepting applications now:

Check out what our students have been saying about the format:

“My experience at Raising the Baar Farm with John and Kathy Baar was a revelation!
I have an 8 year old OTTB who was definitely beyond my scope in training. He had a very negative experience with the last trainer I put him with and came back unwilling to load and tie, having consistently done both before his experience with this trainer. I was told to get rid of him. Needless to say I was devastated but did not heed his advice. I decided not to put him with anyone else until I found the right people and the right program. Well the right program turned out to be Parelli and the right people were John and Kathy Baar. I have been around a lot of trainers in both the Hunter/Jumper and Dressage disciplines and the level of horsemanship I experienced with John and Kathy Baar was amazing, but equally amazing was the level of communication and understanding they provide to the human partner as well. It made all the difference.
Unser went to Raising the Baar Farm a belligerent, dominant, insecure horse. He came back a willing partner and our relationship continues grow. I cannot thank John and Kathy enough for this wonderful outcome and experience!!” – Carol and Unser

“Equestrians highly value quality training for their horses. To find an exceptional trainer is very hard.  John Baar is one of those exceptional trainers. And he is Parelli trained. The Parelli program adds significant value to quality training by emphasizing the importance of building emotional fitness, of using horse psychology, and of developing the quality of the horse-human relationship.  As well as delivering quality training, John Baar, as a Parelli five star instructor and horse developer, excels in his ability to cultivate these forces in his training of the horse.  He has an amazing intuitive sense of what the horse needs to accomplish emotional fitness.  He has several strategies ready to apply depending on the horse and the situation.  Matching the right  strategy at the right time in the unique situation for a particular horse is quite a talent.  He is able to do that well partly because of his Parelli training in horse psychology but also because of his gift of being able to read the horse so well.  

At the heart of the Parelli training method is the significance of the human-horse relationship.  The quality of this relationship is the major force in producing change. When it comes to that relationship John is an artist.  He connects easily with many different types of horses and this allows horse development in his hands to go so well.  He has a presence with a horse that is amazing.

He also has a special talent working with the horse owner, to build her relationship with her horse. Horse development by itself is not enough.  Working with horse and rider together is essential to cultivate an effective partnership that produces real change.  This involves working on building confidence and emotional fitness for both horse and rider, improving riding skills, and helping the rider learn how to read horse behavior and then use that knowledge to effect change. John is an excellent teacher in all of these areas.  He is patient, he knows when to push and when to hold back.  He gives just enough information for the student to understand, allows practice and  then debriefs the experience.  Each task builds on the previous task to produce growth.  This approach is extremely effective in building knowledge and understanding of how to proceed.

I brought my horse to John to get her in shape to sell because she felt like too much horse for me.  After a couple of months I saw a big change in her and decided to take a couple  of lessons. I was amazed at how well my horse and I did together under John’s supervision.  I felt like I could keep her and learn how to handle her.  He gave me back my beloved horse!    Six months later I am bringing her home armed with many new strategies and the confidence to ride her in different situations. I feel we are both emotionally fit to continue building our partnership.  John helped me bring a lot of ideas together and turn them into actions.  He taught me how to ride effectively.  Thanks to John I feel like I can now continue my equestrian journey with a much better understanding of how to move forward effectively.” –Grace Murdoch – Cincinnati, Ohio

Program Benefit Outline

21 Hour Program 42 Hour Program 63 Hour Program
Hours of one on one lessons 2 4 6
Phone Consultations 1 2 3
Text/Email correspondence 3 6 9
Professional Horse Evaluations 1 2 3
Goal Planning Sessions 1 Short Term 1 Short Term

1 Medium Term

1 Short Term

1 Medium Term

1 Long Term

Length of horse’s stay at Raising The Baar Farm 25 days 50 days 75 days
Cost $1,500 $2,800 $4,000

We would love to have you join our horse and human development format, please contact us for availability at:

In addition, we are still offering Horse Development in 10 hour packages for specific puzzle solving, such as, problems with fly spray, trailer loading, bridling and clipping issues. Please contact us at for more details.

Our Colt Starting/First rides under saddle program is a part of the above 21 – 63 hour program. For more details on our approach to starting horses see the details below.

Starting Horses:

“Colt starting” is the process of beginning a horse’s riding or driving education. It involves the first, formative experiences of the saddle, rider or driver, trailering, preparation for the farrier, dentist, vet and so on… All the things a horse will experience during a lifetime in the human environment.

A partnership for life

The horse learns what he lives, and he lives what he learns. The programming that started the moment he was born continues with his early experiences with people. These lessons, good or bad, will stay in his emotions, in his programmed responses, if not in his conscious memory.

We’re working on the finish when we start. We are cause; our results are effect. The effect our actions and interactions have on this horse may show now, and they may not show until later. The Parelli philosophy is “starting and developing” not “breaking and training.” We are starting a relationship, with the goal of developing a partnership—for life.