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Horse Training

Horse Development

Horse training/development is all about Parelli Principle #7 – “Humans teach horses, and horses teach humans.” As you progress through your horsemanship journey you may find yourself in need of someone to help teach your horse! The horse may be a foal, a colt getting his first rides, a particularly difficult or challenging horse, or moving towards an area of specialization. Being Senior Horse Development Specialists we have personally spent time with Pat Parelli and have earned his confidence to help you develop your partner.

Starting Horses:

“Colt starting” is the process of beginning a horse’s riding or driving education. It involves the first, formative experiences of the saddle, rider or driver, trailering, preparation for the farrier, dentist, vet and so on… All the things a horse will experience during a lifetime in the human environment.

A partnership for life

The horse learns what he lives, and he lives what he learns. The programming that started the moment he was born continues with his early experiences with people. These lessons, good or bad, will stay in his emotions, in his programmed responses, if not in his conscious memory.

We’re working on the finish when we start. We are cause; our results are effect. The effect our actions and interactions have on this horse may show now, and they may not show until later. The Parelli philosophy is “starting and developing” not “breaking and training.” We are starting a relationship, with the goal of developing a partnership—for life.

This program is for your horse if he/she has never been ridden, or needs a restart. It consists of 30-60 hour programs depending on the needs of your horse and your goals.

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Foundation Training:

This program is for your horse if it has at least 30 hours riding time and you are looking to advance it’s Parelli foundation. This program is also a good fit for your horse if you are looking to problem solve a specific issue or to move past a plateau with your horse.

This program consists of 10+ hour programs depending on your goals and your horse’s aptitude and experience.

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